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Keeping Well

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Health information especially for seniors.
How alcohol affects seniors
Drinking alcohol in any amount can pose special risks for older adults.
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Nasty bug sickens nearly half a million Americans each year
New research sheds light on C. difficile infection and the steps you can take to stay safe from deadly diarrhea.
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Aging independently
Plan ahead to maintain independence as you grow older.
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Foot fungus blues
A change in nail color could signal a fungal infection.
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Infographic: Screening tests
Screening tests can help you find and head off health problems early.
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Allergies and Asthma
Information on sneezing, wheezing and other breathing problems.
Coping with airborne allergens
Reduce your exposure to pollen, mold, dust and pet dander.
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Children and allergies: Is there a kitchen connection?
Why do some children develop allergies? Maybe it's the dishwasher, one study suggests.
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Eating peanuts early in life may prevent allergies later
Avoiding peanuts doesn't stop peanut allergies from developing, but feeding babies the legumes may help reduce their risk.
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Asthma triggers
Find out what can cause an asthma attack.
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Understanding allergic asthma
Learn more about the most common form of asthma.
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Information on arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints.
Arthritis and your feet
Learn what might be done when arthritis affects your feet.
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Arthritis: How much exercise is too much?
Know when to say when.
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Talking with your doctor about arthritis pain
Describing arthritis pain to your doctor is an important part of your care.
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What are autoimmune diseases?
When the immune system goes awry.
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A guide to joint aspiration and injection
These procedures are used to draw fluids out of joints or inject medicines into them.
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Information about cancer types, treatments and prevention strategies.
Chemotherapy: Coping with hair loss
Know what to do when the treatment that saves your life steals your hair.
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Cancer screenings help improve survival rates
New CDC research finds that 2 out of 3 people diagnosed with invasive cancer are living 5 years or longer.
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Understanding thyroid cancer
Most people with thyroid cancer have an excellent prognosis.
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Cancer pain: Listen to your body, talk to your doctor
Living with cancer doesn't have to mean living with pain.
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Cancer quiz
Test your knowledge.
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Children and Parenting
Tips for keeping kids healthy.
Teen substance abuse assessment
Are you concerned that your teen may be using drugs or alcohol? This assessment can help you decide if there's a problem.
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Online shopping makes it easy for teens to get e-cigarettes
Despite state regulations, most Internet vendors are lax about selling electronic cigarettes to minors.
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1.1 billion young people at risk for hearing loss
Almost 50 percent of young people listen to MP3 players and smartphones at unsafe levels, which could cause permanent damage to their ears.
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Cyberbullying in college associated with depression, problem drinking
College females who experience digital harassment are at greater risk for emotional problems, says a new study.
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Child abuse: How to recognize it and what to do
You can help protect a mistreated child.
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Helpful tips for people with diabetes.
Diabetes and your feet
What you don't feel can hurt you.
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Help prevent type 2 diabetes with 3 simple steps
More than 86 million Americans have prediabetes. Most don't know it. But a new program may help.
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Workout intensity affects glucose levels, but not weight loss
Has your doctor told you to make lowering your blood sugar a health goal? Working out more vigorously may help you meet it.
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Hypertension treatment helps prevent early death in people with type 2 diabetes
For people with type 2 diabetes, treating high blood pressure has major health benefits, reveals new research.
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What is Charcot foot?
A condition often linked to nerve damage caused by diabetes.
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Health News
Recent research findings and health updates.
Tuberculosis elimination in U.S. will require more work
Tuberculosis has been declining in the U.S. since 1993. But in 2014, 3 people in every 100,000 were diagnosed with the potentially fatal disease.
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Stop-smoking medication linked to seizures and alcohol problems
Prescription medication Chantix could help you quit smoking, but new warnings suggest the drug may not be right for everyone.
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Suicide among middle-aged rose during recession
Suicide rates in middle-aged people rose nearly 40 percent in 10 years, with a big increase since the Great Recession started in 2007.
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Nasty bug sickens nearly half a million Americans each year
New research sheds light on C. difficile infection and the steps you can take to stay safe from deadly diarrhea.
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Pneumonia is most serious in children under 5
Babies, toddlers and preschoolers are more likely to be hospitalized for pneumonia than older kids. But vaccines can help.
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Heart Health
Information on heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.
How emotions can affect your heart
Look into your heart—your emotions may be stirring up trouble.
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Stroke risk may drop with folate
Stroke kills almost 130,000 Americans every year. That's 1 out of every 20 deaths. However, researchers may have found a way to help reduce risk.
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Stress, depression a deadly combo for those with heart disease
To reduce the risk of heart attack or death, those with heart disease need coping tools for negative emotions, suggests a new study.
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Exercising when you have heart disease
A heart problem usually isn't a reason to avoid physical activity.
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Are you at risk for a heart attack?
Many risk factors can be changed to help lower your chances of having a heart attack.
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Men's Health
Health information especially for men.
Stress on the job
Too much stress at work can take a physical and mental toll.
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Erectile dysfunction could be a hidden heart warning
By spotting and treating cardiovascular disease in men with erectile dysfunction, doctors could help prevent 1.1 million heart problems.
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Doing damage: Alcohol and your liver
Alcohol abuse is the leading cause of serious, long-term liver disease in the United States.
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Do you have a drinking problem?
Take a short quiz to find out whether you may have a problem with alcohol.
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Infographic: Drinking to excess
Alcohol can hurt your health, particularly if you drink a lot.
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Nutrition and Fitness
Tips for eating right, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight.
Returning to exercise after an injury
Rushing back to activity before you have time to heal can put you at risk for re-injury and possibly an even longer downtime.
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Smart snacking: Eating nuts linked to low risk of early death
This is nuts! Preliminary research suggests that high peanut consumption could help prevent early death.
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Get greens! Harness this hue for veggie power
National Nutrition Month is about biting into a healthy lifestyle. Start with color and make greens a part of your healthy diet.
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Eating well when you have kidney disease
When your kidneys aren’t doing their job, healthful changes to your diet are essential.
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Good sports need good shoes
Careful selection of athletic shoes may prevent injuries.
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Women's Health
Health information especially for women.
Alcohol's gender gap
Drinking may be especially dangerous for women.
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Depression may have vitamin D connection
Women who don't get enough vitamin D are more likely to be depressed, says a new study. Learn how to increase your intake.
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Younger women delay getting the heart attack help they need
Heart attack symptoms shouldn't be ignored. So why are younger women putting off help?
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Shoe shopping: It’s all about fit
To reduce your risk for foot problems, it's important to choose shoes that fit well.
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Infographic: Treating sports injuries
Mild strains and sprains can benefit from initial treatment at home using the R.I.C.E. method.
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