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Health information especially for seniors.
Warning signs of heart failure (infographic)
Heart failure comes on so gradually, it's easy to overlook warning signs.
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Calcium and vitamin D supplements don't lower fracture risk
A new study found no link between bone fracture prevention for older adults and taking certain supplements.
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Macular degeneration: Who's at risk? What can be done?
Save your sight as you get older.
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Seniors: Be smart about medicines
There are many good reasons to "take as directed" by your doctor.
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A recipe for a healthy heart (video)
A plant-heavy diet is one of your best defenses against heart disease.
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Allergies and Asthma
Information on sneezing, wheezing and other breathing problems.
Mind the mold if you have asthma (video)
Cleaning the damp areas of your home can help keep mold under control.
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Asthma symptoms worse for overweight preschoolers
Among kids who have asthma, those who are overweight have asthma symptoms more often and are more likely to be hospitalized than those who aren't overweight.
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Signs of lung disease (infographic)
You should pay attention to any of these warning signs of lung disease.
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Understanding latex allergy
Latex products can cause allergic reactions.
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How the lungs work
A person at rest breathes about 12 to 15 times per minute.
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Information on arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints.
Living with rheumatoid arthritis
Six things you can do to help control the disease.
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Extra weight may not be helpful if you have rheumatoid arthritis
Previous research suggested being overweight reduced the risk of people dying from rheumatoid arthritis. But a new study shows obesity may not be a factor.
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Parenting with arthritis
Arthritis doesn't have to keep you from being an active, involved parent.
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Getting ready for joint replacement surgery
Planning ahead can help ensure that you have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
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Is it time to see a doctor for that achy back? (video)
There are a variety of treatments for persistent back pain—don't be shy about making an appointment with your doctor.
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Information about cancer types, treatments and prevention strategies.
6 ways to avoid cancer (infographic)
These healthy habits can help you head off many types of cancer.
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Many Americans missing key information about cancer prevention
A new survey reveals that many people may not know how to best protect themselves against cancer.
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Chronic acid reflux linked to head and neck cancers
Researchers believe GERD, a serious form of heartburn, causes chronic inflammation, which can lead to cell changes like cancer.
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Researching cancer treatment options
How to make sure the information you find is reliable.
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Cancer: The facts about follow-up care
Follow-up care is important after cancer treatment.
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Children and Parenting
Tips for keeping kids healthy.
Helping kids avoid the flu
What parents can do.
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Eye injuries from toy guns on the rise
Childhood eye injuries have declined a bit, but eye damage from BB, pellet and paintball guns has increased by almost 170 percent.
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Family meals help kids' physical and mental health
Family meals are worth the effort. A new study shows that they can help kids in a number of ways.
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3 drugs parents should know about
Here's how to recognize some of the newer drugs teens may be tempted to use.
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Raising heart-healthy kids
What parents can do.
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Helpful tips for people with diabetes.
Portion control is key to diabetes-friendly treats (video)
A diabetes diagnosis doesn't mean swearing off sweets forever
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Hot flashes and night sweats linked to diabetes risk
A new study shows a link between menopause and diabetes. Learn why this has researchers looking at sleep disturbances.
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Diabetic eye disease: Types and treatments
Early diagnosis and treatment can help preserve your vision.
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A dangerous duo: Diabetes and heart disease
Learn how to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke when you have diabetes.
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Diabetes can affect sexual health
A variety of treatments can help restore sexual health in both men and women with diabetes.
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Heart Health
Information on heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.
Where's the salt? Hidden sources of sodium (video)
These 6 common foods are often high in sodium, which puts you at risk for high blood pressure.
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Why grapefruit and some medications don't mix
If you take certain medicines for high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms or allergies, your pharmacist may have told you to avoid grapefruit and several other kinds of citrus. Find out why.
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Marriage may help people survive heart problems
Researchers suggest the social support offered by marriage makes a difference when people are facing heart problems.
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How emotions can affect your heart
Look into your heart—your emotions may be stirring up trouble.
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Healthy changes to make when you have heart disease
Even if you already have heart disease, it's not too late to make important lifestyle changes and improve your health.
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Men's Health
Health information especially for men.
Too sick to work?
If you're sick, you may do more harm than good in your workplace.
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Dads of preemies even more stressed than moms, study finds
When preterm babies leave the hospital, stress levels spike in dads more than moms.
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Handwashing: A good defense against disease (video)
A thorough handwashing takes longer than you might think. And it's especially important during cold and flu season.
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Living a heart-healthy life
Healthy habits can help prevent heart disease.
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Eating disorders aren't just for women
Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder can affect males as well as females.
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Nutrition and Fitness
Tips for eating right, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight.
Reel in the benefits of fish (video)
Fish is a great replacement for red meat, and most adults should have a couple of servings of fish a week.
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DASH and Mediterranean diets ranked best overall
U.S. News & World Report reviewed 40 diets for nutrition, safety and ease of use.
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The iPhone pedometer isn't always accurate, study finds
A new study says iPhones may miscount the number of steps you take. But it could be an error in your favor.
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Eat better to help your heart
Tips for getting started.
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Know your fats (infographic)
Some fats are healthier than others.
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Women's Health
Health information especially for women.
Women: Protect yourself from heart disease
Make a plan to help reduce your risk.
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Hormone therapy: Still for menopause symptoms only
Postmenopausal women shouldn't use hormone therapy to lower their risk for heart disease, bone fractures, diabetes or stroke.
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Help your skin make it through the winter
Find out why lotion may not be the best moisturizing choice.
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Eating disorders: Red flags
Knowing the signs can lead to early treatment and better chances of recovery.
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How to help someone with an eating disorder
You can't solve the problem, but you can offer support and encouragement.
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