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Keeping Well

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Health information especially for seniors.
Holiday heart attacks: Know the signs, act fast
One of the happiest times of the year may be the most dangerous for your heart.
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Alzheimer's disease: Separating myth from fact
One fact you should know: An early diagnosis of Alzheimer's is important. If you or a loved one has problems with thinking or remembering, see a doctor to determine the cause.
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Be a safety-savvy grandparent
How to make your home a safe haven for your grandkids.
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Protect your back when you travel
Your back can take a beating when you travel. Here's how to avoid the pain.
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Quiz: Aging and exercise
Exercise your knowledge of senior fitness with this quiz.
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Allergies and Asthma
Information on sneezing, wheezing and other breathing problems.
This mold house (infographic)
No home is totally mold-proof. But there are a number of things you can do to help keep mold from taking hold where you live.
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Asthma: Take steps to avoid respiratory infections
Studies show that most asthma flare-ups are caused by viral infections such as colds and the flu.
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Food allergy or intolerance: What’s the difference?
Food intolerance is sometimes mistaken for an allergy, but it's not as serious.
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Foods may cause reaction in people with latex allergies
Even handling some foods could cause problems.
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Quiz: Going gluten-free
Is going gluten-free on your mind? Get the facts with this quiz before you decide.
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Information on arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints.
Traveling with arthritis
Don't let joint pain keep you at home.
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Arthritis: Simplify your life
Choosing to simplify your life by setting priorities and changing your lifestyle can help you better manage arthritis.
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Massage therapy for arthritis pain
For some people, massage may provide just the right touch for pain relief.
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A guide to arthritis medications
A variety of different medications can help ease arthritis symptoms.
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Alternative treatments for arthritis
What to know before you try alternative medicine for arthritis.
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Information about cancer types, treatments and prevention strategies.
Coping with cancer during the holidays
This year, try to find peace and happiness in old and new ways without overtaxing yourself.
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Surviving colorectal cancer linked to a high-fiber diet
Fiber has previously been linked to a lower risk of developing colorectal cancer. A new study looked at the effects of fiber after a cancer diagnosis.
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Melanoma treatment: The sooner the better
New study says prompt treatment of stage I melanoma is key to higher survival rates.
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Medical radiation: A cause for concern?
Worries about radiation shouldn't keep you from getting a test you need, but it is a good idea to take steps to minimize your exposure.
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Make a plan for quitting smoking
You're more likely to successfully kick the habit if you prepare ahead of time.
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Children and Parenting
Tips for keeping kids healthy.
Storing medication safely (infographic)
Medications are the No. 1 cause of child poisoning.
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Giving medicine to kids
Learn how to give medicine the right way, at the right time and in the right amount.
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Screen time at night affects kids' sleep
Electronic devices may steal more sleep from kids than from adults, according to a new report. Here's what parents should know about devices at bedtime.
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Moms who nurse longer show more 'maternal sensitivity'
A new study says the longer you breastfeed, the better you may be at nurturing your child as a baby and beyond.
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Tackle football may have lasting effects on young brains, study suggests
The younger the football player, the greater the risk of cognitive and mood problems later on.
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Helpful tips for people with diabetes.
Dine wisely with diabetes during the holidays
You can still enjoy your favorite foods if you follow these tips.
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Pumps vs. injections for type 1 diabetes
A new study of young people found that insulin pumps offer much better blood sugar control.
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Prediabetes: What's your risk?
The condition can put you on the road to type 2 diabetes, as well as heart disease and stroke.
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Traveling with diabetes
What you need to know before you go.
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How to test your blood sugar (infographic)
Does your doctor want you to check your blood glucose levels? Here's how to do it.
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Heart Health
Information on heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.
The types of cholesterol (infographic)
Find out how your doctor will use your blood cholesterol levels to assess your heart health.
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New guidelines redefine high blood pressure
A new definition of high blood pressure means about half of U.S. adults now have the condition.
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How to shake a salt habit
10 creative ways to cut back on sodium.
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Winterize your heart
Some people's hearts need extra care when the temperature drops.
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Arrhythmias quiz
Could you have an abnormal heart rhythm without knowing it? Find out by taking this true-and-false quiz.
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Men's Health
Health information especially for men.
Men and stress
Learn how to recognize stress, and what you can do about it.
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Oral HPV now affects almost 8 million more men than women
Learn the risk factors for this sexually transmitted infection, which can lead to cancer.
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What to know about breast cancer in men
Men have many of the same risk factors for breast cancer as women, and they share one of the most common symptoms.
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Heartburn triggers (infographic)
Find out what kinds of food, drinks and behaviors can trigger heartburn.
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Fireplace safety: Master these fireside tips (video)
Watch this video for six tips for a warm, safer experience.
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Nutrition and Fitness
Tips for eating right, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight.
Avoid holiday weight gain
Nine tips for enjoying holiday festivities without putting on pounds.
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Safely say bye-bye to snow
Shoveling snow can stress your heart and strain your back and shoulders. Learn how to reduce your risk of getting seriously hurt.
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Overcoming barriers to exercise
Discover how to overcome the hurdles that keep you from exercising regularly.
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Make healthy bones a family affair
People of all ages, from kids to seniors, need to keep their bones strong to help prevent osteoporosis.
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Making smart calorie cuts (infographic)
Want to lose weight? Check out these smart food substitutions that won't leave you feeling deprived.
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Women's Health
Health information especially for women.
Working mothers and stress
Tips to help you unwind.
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Acetaminophen during pregnancy linked to ADHD in kids
Researchers found that the risk of ADHD in kids was twice as high when moms used acetaminophen for a certain number of days while pregnant.
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Selfies of super-skinny bodies are common on social media, a new study finds
Social media sites are rife with images of bone-protruding body types. Most images are posted by young women who encourage others to copy their emaciated look.
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Protect your skin from winter weather
Simple tips for protecting skin when the weather turns cold.
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Home, clean home
Routine cleaning and disinfecting helps reduce household germs.
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