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Keeping Well

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Health information especially for seniors.
Safe driving for seniors
Tips for staying safe behind the wheel as you get older.
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Hearing loss: Many adults don't seek help
More than half of those who say they have trouble hearing haven't told their doctor, CDC reports. Find out why you should speak up about hearing loss.
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Alzheimer's: 9 potential risk factors
New research finds that 9 risk factors may contribute to 66 percent of Alzheimer's disease cases.
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Malls help many step toward better health
Mall walking is an easy and inexpensive way to exercise. And research suggests it can make a difference in the health of middle-aged and older adults.
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Quiz: Aging and exercise
Exercise your knowledge of senior fitness with this quiz.
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Allergies and Asthma
Information on sneezing, wheezing and other breathing problems.
Got asthma? Get a flu shot
Doctors recommend the shot every fall for people with asthma.
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Quiz: Cold vs. allergy
Is it a cold or an allergy? Take this quiz.
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Food allergy or intolerance: What’s the difference?
Food intolerance is sometimes mistaken for an allergy, but it's not as serious.
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Asthma: A guide to inhalers and nebulizers
Inhalers and nebulizers are important tools for managing asthma and other airway diseases.
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Asthma support organizations
Know where to go for information and resources.
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Information on arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints.
Arthritis and the flu
Protecting yourself from the flu should be a priority if you have a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.
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Knee replacement surgeries nearly double
People are getting their knees replaced in record numbers and at younger ages, according to a new analysis.
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Questions to ask about arthritis surgery
Find out what you should know before surgery.
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Understanding gout
This painful joint disease typically starts with swelling in the big toe.
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Quiz: Arthritis and food
How can foods affect arthritis, and which ones should you avoid?
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Information about cancer types, treatments and prevention strategies.
Infographic: Steps to a successful mammogram
Regular screening tests are a great way to try to find breast cancer in its early stages, when it's usually easier to treat.
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Are you at risk for breast cancer?
Many things may raise your risk for getting breast cancer. Discover what they are.
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Breast cancer: What to do if you find a lump
Most breast lumps are not cancerous.
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How to help when your partner has breast cancer
Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, and that's doubly true after a cancer diagnosis.
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Medical radiation: A cause for concern?
Worries about radiation shouldn't keep you from getting a test you need, but it is a good idea to take steps to minimize your exposure.
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Children and Parenting
Tips for keeping kids healthy.
Brownbagging it: The tasty and nutritious way
Simple, effective advice for packing healthy school lunches your kids will love.
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10 hidden household dangers every parent should know
Home is where the heart is. But home can also hold hazards for young children. Learn how to protect your family.
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Kids trash fruits and veggies at school
A national healthy eating program puts more fruits and veggies on students' lunch trays. The kids, however, are taking them to the trash.
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Preventing SIDS
Prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by putting babies to sleep on their backs.
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Infographic: Vaccines for infants through age 6
Find out what vaccines are recommended when.
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Helpful tips for people with diabetes.
Diabetes: You don't have to swear off sweets
The occasional sweet indulgence can be a part of a healthful diet—even for someone with diabetes.
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Diabetes rates leveling off, but still high
New findings say about half of all adults have diabetes or prediabetes. And many don't know they have it. Are you at risk?
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Look out for prediabetes
Simple screening can uncover this reversible precursor to diabetes.
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How diabetes affects teeth
Uncontrolled diabetes can harm your teeth and gums.
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Peripheral arterial disease: Screening can save lives
Early detection can help protect your health.
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Health News
Recent research findings and health updates.
Health News is moving!
We're excited to announce a new e-newsletter that will bring you the latest health news every week instead of once a month.
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Will this year's flu shot be better than the last?
Health officials are urging the public to get vaccinated against the flu. But are they expecting better results than last year's vaccine?
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How water may help with weight loss
New findings suggest that drinking 2 cups of water before meals may help fill you up faster, which in turn may help with weight loss.
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Biking deaths higher among adults
Since 1975, the total number of bicycling-related deaths has dropped, especially for kids. However, biking deaths are on the rise for adults.
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Young adults are wrong about hookah risks
Almost a third of adults ages 18 to 24 consider hookah a less risky way to use tobacco than cigarettes, says a new study. What do you think?
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Pain is prevalent in America
More than 55 percent of Americans experienced pain within a 3-month period, according to a new study.
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Heart Health
Information on heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.
Women: Learn your heart disease risk
A look at the factors that can put a woman at risk for heart trouble.
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Your heart may be older than the rest of your body
3 in 4 Americans have hearts "older" than the rest of their bodies, increasing their risk for heart disease and stroke. Here's how to find your heart's age.
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Younger adults need heart disease prevention
Rates of heart disease deaths have dropped since 1979, but younger adults are benefiting less than older people.
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Can tech tools boost heart health? The jury's out
Apps, devices and trackers all offer potential to help you improve health, but there's just not enough data to support their benefits.
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Quiz: Women and heart attacks
Should women worry about heart attacks? Take this quiz to find out.
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Men's Health
Health information especially for men.
Infographic: How the flu spreads
As many as 20 percent of Americans get the flu every year. Find out how the virus spreads
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Miss sleep and you may be more likely to get sick
Logging fewer than 6 hours of snooze time can make you 4 times more likely to catch a cold, a new study suggests. Here's how to sleep better.
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Handwashing can keep you healthy
Regular handwashing is a simple, effective way to protect yourself from germs.
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Depression may look different in men
Men are less likely than women to get treated for this chronic and dangerous disease.
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Are you depressed?
Depression is a serious but treatable illness. If you or someone you love has symptoms of depression, it's important to seek help.
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Nutrition and Fitness
Tips for eating right, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight.
Prevent school sports injuries
Tips for parents and coaches.
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Diet drinks may be adding calories to your diet
The drinks you choose may influence how much unhealthy foods contribute to your calorie count, a study suggests.
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7 refrigeration reminders to prevent foodborne illness
Your refrigerator can help prevent food poisoning. Here's how to use it.
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The Surgeon General wants you to walk
Walking can be a simple, effective and affordable activity, but many Americans are missing out on the opportunity.
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Quiz: Going gluten-free
Is going gluten-free on your mind? Get the facts with this quiz before you decide.
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Women's Health
Health information especially for women.
Women: Beating the blues
Though women are more likely to have depression than men, many do not seek help
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Pregnant? Here's why you need to get a flu shot
Flu shots can keep both mom and her developing baby healthy. Unfortunately, many moms aren't taking advantage of this protection.
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Skin lighteners may be harmful, warns FDA
These products don’t live up to the hype and could cause harm. But there are safe alternatives when it comes to skin discoloration.
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Eating healthy could help protect your newborn's heart
A new study suggests healthy eating before pregnancy could help prevent some kinds of congenital heart defects, the most common type of birth defect.
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Quiz: Breast Cancer
Find out how much you know about this disease.
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