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Keeping Well

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Health information especially for seniors.
Growing older, staying intimate
Love can get even better with time.
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Even lifelong bookworms may read more slowly later in life
Embrace your natural reading speed as you age.
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A recipe for a healthy heart (video)
A plant-heavy diet is one of your best defenses against heart disease.
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Why you should care about your cholesterol
Three reasons to know your levels.
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A guide to cardiac rehabilitation
Growing stronger, adopting a healthy diet, making lifestyle changes and learning about heart disease are important goals of cardiac rehabilitation programs.
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Allergies and Asthma
Information on sneezing, wheezing and other breathing problems.
Asthma quiz
Think you know the basics of asthma? Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz.
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Sucking on your baby's pacifier may help prevent allergies
A new study suggests this simple practice might transfer health-boosting bacteria to babies and protect against allergies.
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Exposure to heat makes EpiPens less effective
New research suggests that EpiPens get less effective after exposure to unusually high temperatures.
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Signs of lung disease (infographic)
You should pay attention to any of these warning signs of lung disease.
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Mind the mold if you have asthma (video)
Cleaning the damp areas of your home can help keep mold under control.
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Information on arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints.
Rheumatoid arthritis and your heart
Research has linked rheumatoid arthritis to heart problems.
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Living with rheumatoid arthritis
Six things you can do to help control the disease.
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Arthritis: Simplify your life
Choosing to simplify your life by setting priorities and changing your lifestyle can help you better manage arthritis.
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Physical therapy now may mean fewer opioids later
Study shows therapy may be a good early option for joint and back pain.
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How to prevent low back pain (infographic)
Back pain tends to occur more often in people who aren’t physically fit.
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Information about cancer types, treatments and prevention strategies.
Good news! Death rates from major cancers continue to fall
The American Cancer Society predicts fewer than 2 million new cases for 2019.
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Flu shots are crucial for those with cancer and survivors too
A history of cancer raises your risk for serious flu complications.
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Colonoscopy: New evidence for the 10-year recommendation
New research strengthens standard screening guidelines for this common colon cancer screening.
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Cancer: The facts about follow-up care
Follow-up care is important after cancer treatment.
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Cancer quiz
Is old age a barrier to cancer treatment? Get the answer to that question and more by taking this quiz.
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Children and Parenting
Tips for keeping kids healthy.
Home alone: Is your child ready?
How to know if it's safe to leave kids home on their own.
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When to call 911 for a child
Tips to help a parent or caregiver decide.
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Raising heart-healthy kids
What parents can do.
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Are cholesterol levels a childhood concern?
Keeping cholesterol levels under control is one way to help make sure your child enjoys a lifetime of good heart health.
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Helping kids avoid the flu
What parents can do.
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Helpful tips for people with diabetes.
A dangerous duo: Diabetes and heart disease
Learn how to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke when you have diabetes.
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Diabetes: Keep an eye out for high blood pressure
As many as 2 out of 3 adults with diabetes also have high blood pressure.
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Portion control is key to diabetes-friendly treats (video)
A diabetes diagnosis doesn't mean swearing off sweets forever.
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Diabetes can affect sexual health
A variety of treatments can help restore sexual health in both men and women with diabetes.
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Diabetes: Taking charge of eye disease
Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness in American adults.
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Heart Health
Information on heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.
Healthy changes to make when you have heart disease
Even if you already have heart disease, it's not too late to make important lifestyle changes and improve your health.
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Heart surgery likely not to blame for major memory problems
Study sheds new light on brain health after heart procedures.
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A new link between red meat and heart disease
A study found that people with diets high in red meat had triple the amount of this chemical that causes heart disease.
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Diagnosing heart disease
A look at some of the tests doctors use to detect and diagnose heart trouble.
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Women and heart attacks quiz
Should women worry about heart attacks? Take this quiz to find out.
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Men's Health
Health information especially for men.
Living a heart-healthy life
Healthy habits can help prevent heart disease.
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Drugged driving: What you should know
Illicit drugs and misused prescription meds can cause a variety of problems behind the wheel.
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Get rid of pain medicine you don't need
Properly disposing of unused pain medicines reduces the risk that they'll be misused by someone who finds them.
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Male infertility
There are a number of reasons why a man may have problems with fertility. Fortunately, treatment can often help.
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Eating disorders aren't just for women
Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder can affect males as well as females.
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Nutrition and Fitness
Tips for eating right, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight.
Eat better to help your heart
Tips for getting started.
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Diet and cholesterol (infographic)
By following a healthy diet, you can improve your HDL and LDL cholesterol levels.
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Reel in the benefits of fish (video)
Fish is a great replacement for red meat, and most adults should have a couple of servings of fish a week.
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Food for thought: Calorie labeling may sway the brain
Brain scans revealed altered activity in areas that motivate eating.
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Choosing and storing fruit (infographic)
Top tips for choosing fruit and making it last
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Women's Health
Health information especially for women.
Women: Protect yourself from heart disease
Make a plan to help reduce your risk.
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Staying heart-healthy in menopause
Risks to your heart health tend to crop up after menopause. But you can take steps to counter them.
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Are you due for a Pap test? Don't skip it
Young women in particular tend to skip cervical cancer screenings, a study found.
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Eating disorders: Red flags
Knowing the signs can lead to early treatment and better chances of recovery.
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How to help someone with an eating disorder
You can't solve the problem, but you can offer support and encouragement.
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