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Keeping Well

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Health information especially for seniors.
Check your risk for colorectal cancer
Some risk factors for colorectal cancer you can change; others you can't. But even for risk factors you can't modify, just being aware of them may help you and your doctor decide when and how often you should be screened for the disease.
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Age-related macular degeneration: A look at lowering the risk
To prevent macular degeneration, focus on these 4 healthy habits.
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Two ways to boost your brain
Exercise and mentally stimulating activities may prevent memory loss.
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Nutrition for seniors
Tips for eating well as you age.
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Feel better with fiber in your diet
Fiber helps the body function properly.
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Allergies and Asthma
Information on sneezing, wheezing and other breathing problems.
Living with an animal and an allergy
What to do when you're allergic to your pet.
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Neti pots: Safe—if you use them right
Neti pots can provide sinus relief, but not knowing how to use them correctly can be risky.
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Infants and food allergies
Learn the usual signs and what you can do.
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Controlling your child's asthma
With proper treatment, your child can lead a normal, active life.
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What to do if your child has an asthma attack
The right treatment given at the right time can head off serious episodes.
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Information on arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints.
Make your home arthritis-friendly
Everyday tasks can be more difficult if you have arthritis—even your own home can present obstacles.
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Finding the right job when you have arthritis
Take the time to find a job that fits your needs and abilities.
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Get in the swim of things with water exercises for arthritis
Water is a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness.
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Juvenile arthritis: Signs and symptoms
Juvenile arthritis often affects the knees, hands and feet.
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What is psoriatic arthritis?
Learn the basics about the disease and its treatments.
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Information about cancer types, treatments and prevention strategies.
Get smart about colorectal cancer
March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. How much do you really know about this disease? Do you have risk factors? Find out here.
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Infographic: Colon cancer screening options
Use this infographic to learn about three ways you can screen for colon cancer.
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Treating colorectal cancer
The best treatment for you depends on a variety of factors, including how far the cancer has spread.
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Colorectal cancer: Moving forward after treatment
More people than ever are surviving colorectal cancer—but many are unsure about what their future holds after treatment.
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Quiz: Colorectal cancer
Can eating processed meats raise your risk for colorectal cancer? Find out by taking this quiz.
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Children and Parenting
Tips for keeping kids healthy.
How to get kids to try fruits and vegetables
Practical tips for parents.
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How to help kids manage their weight
The right approach to weight loss can help kids trim down without hurting their self-esteem.
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Child sleepovers at Dad's house benefit all when parents live apart
Kids have better relationships with both parents when overnight visits are shared.
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Screen time may actually boost teens' well-being
The right amount (not too much or too little) may help your child develop social skills.
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Poison-proof your home
What you can do to help lessen the risk of poisoning at your home.
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Helpful tips for people with diabetes.
How diabetes harms the kidneys
See how much damage your kidneys can face if diabetes goes unchecked. Then, take a quiz and learn more.
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How diabetes affects your teeth and gums
Get answers to common questions about diabetes and dental problems.
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Study offers enticing clues to how type 1 diabetes develops
Researchers took a peek inside the digestive tract of people with type 1 diabetes and found some surprising changes that may eventually lead to new treatments.
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Dining out when you have diabetes
Tips for eating well when you're away from home.
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Hypoglycemia: A sugar issue
Low blood sugar can be a hazard for people who have diabetes.
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Heart Health
Information on heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.
Eat better to help your heart
Tips for getting started.
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How sleep affects heart health
A new study shows that too little shut-eye can do more than leave you groggy.
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The dark side of black licorice
Beware the effects black licorice can have on your heart.
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Study finds popular cholesterol-lowering drugs do more than protect the heart
Find out how they help prevent another life-threatening condition.
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What it looks like when the heart stops
Sudden cardiac arrest is a serious emergency, but bystanders can help a person survive.
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Men's Health
Health information especially for men.
12 steps toward a healthier diet
A look at some simple things you can do to eat more healthfully.
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Closeness counts: The healthful power of relationships
Learn five good reasons to forge a connection, plus get tips to help you mingle more.
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A plan to prevent colorectal cancer
There are steps you can take to help protect yourself.
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Drink up! Making sure you get enough water
Water and other fluids are especially important during exercise or warm weather.
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Quiz: Kidney stone prevention
Are you making the right choices to help protect yourself from kidney stones? Find out with this quiz.
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Nutrition and Fitness
Tips for eating right, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight.
7 surprising ways you may be sabotaging your diet
Some of the things you do to try to lose weight may actually keep you from shedding extra pounds.
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Study: Whole grains may spur weight loss
It's not just about nutrients anymore. New evidence shows whole grains may boost metabolism and promote weight loss too.
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Room for snacks?
Snacks can be part of a healthy diet.
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Nutrition basics
To eat well, you need to eat a variety of foods.
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Quiz: Going gluten-free
Is going gluten-free on your mind? Get the facts with this quiz before you decide.
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Women's Health
Health information especially for women.
How to stop mindless eating
Almost all of us unknowingly overeat—and usually not out of hunger or even because what we're eating tastes particularly good.
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Should you consider BRCA genetic testing?
Genetic testing for a breast cancer gene could guide your treatment if you have breast cancer.
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Women may skip mammograms after a false alarm
False-positive results can be stressful—and may put women at risk down the road.
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Bone appétit! This diet may help prevent bone loss
Some foods have anti-inflammatory effects that may help women hold onto healthy bone mass and avoid hip fractures.
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Women: Do you need a dietary supplement?
A healthy diet is key, but some women may also benefit from supplements.
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